Introducing MainWP’s New Extension for Pressable

Pressable plus MainWP

It’s no secret that Pressable makes it easy to manage sites with its award-winning control panel, but what if you’re managing sites across multiple accounts or hosts? 

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with MainWP, which provides a simple, yet powerful solution for this common challenge with its new Pressable extension.

Why MainWP? 

MainWP is a free, open-source, and self-hosted plugin to manage multiple sites from a single dashboard.

This streamlined approach is trusted by thousands of agencies and administrators to manage more than 600,000 WordPress sites. With 2,000+ five-star reviews on, it’s safe to say they’re a beloved solution for the ever-present challenges that come with managing multiple WordPress sites.

Beyond their commitment to open source, one of the things we appreciate the most about MainWP is their commitment to privacy. You can see this shine in every aspect of their business, including their plugins. Each have their own privacy policies to ensure that any personally identifiable information (PII) is not collected. There has never been a better time to ensure your tools are private and protected!

Introducing The MainWP Pressable Extension

Our partnership with MainWP introduces a new extension just for Pressable customers. Leveraging Pressable’s robust API, it lets you quickly complete a wide range of hosting-specific tasks without needing to log into your Pressable account. 

Using the Pressable extension alongside the intuitive and powerful MainWP interface, you can: 

  • Create Site: Quickly launch a new WordPress site
  • Sync Data: Keep your site information up to date
  • Overview: Get a detailed overview of updates, stats, and more
  • Edit: Easily configure and modify site settings
  • Disable Site: Quickly enable or disable site access globally
  • Delete Site: Remove a site from your Pressable account when needed
  • Convert To Staging: Convert your site to a staging environment or vice versa
  • Enable CDN: Enable or disable CDN for your site
  • Visit phpMyAdmin: Access the database directly without logging into Pressable
  • Manage Backups: View, download, or restore existing backups with simplicity
  • Manage Sites In Bulk: Control hosting-specific actions for multiple websites

“Managing multiple websites is one of the most challenging aspects of running an agency. Our partnership with Pressable brings you an Extension for MainWP, allowing you to maintain and control most hosting aspects of your websites hosted on Pressable directly from the MainWP Dashboard.

Enjoy the simplicity of managing all your websites in one place.”

~ Dennis Dornon, Co-founder of MainWP

To learn more about how you can put MainWP to work for you in managing your Pressable-hosted sites and beyond, check out their comprehensive guide for the Pressable extension and give it a try today!

Jessica Frick

Jessica serves as the Director of Operations for Pressable and is dedicated to creating the best managed WordPress hosting experience possible. She’s been using WordPress since 2008, has been in WordPress-focused roles since 2010, and currently serves as one of the Make WordPress Hosting team reps. When she’s not working, you can find her spending time with her family, serving in her community, watching hilarious dog videos online, or brewing a pitcher of iced tea.

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