WooCommerce hosting for your online store

If you have a WooCommerce store, you need a hosting partner like Pressable that delivers enough speed, scalability, security, and support for you to grow your online business successfully.

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Support Expert help when you need it
Performance Lightning fast page loads

Optimized hosting for WooCommerce websites

Host your WooCommerce store on Pressable, and let us take care of the behind-the-scenes website work so you can focus on making your customers happy and expanding your business.

Why our managed WordPress hosting should power your WooCommerce store

Whether you are just getting started, are growing, or are operating at an enterprise level, it’s absolutely critical to know what your managed WordPress host brings to the table for your store, not only for your needs today but for what you’ll need in the future as well. 

Expert-level management

Pressable is owned by the same parent company as WooCommerce and our platform was built for stores just like yours. You can trust that your store will always be updated with the latest WooCommerce and WordPress releases, including urgent security patches to protect you and your customers.

Speed and performance

Pressable delivers phenomenally fast load times, which can translate to better search engine optimization, more traffic, and more conversions. Milliseconds matter and we'll make sure your customers aren't left waiting to convert.

Infinite scalability

With Pressable, you never need to worry about traffic spikes negatively impacting your online store. We make sure your eCommerce site can deal with increased demand from sales, holidays, major releases, and more.

Incredible support

We live and breath WordPress and WooCommerce. Our support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year, ready to provide helpful insights and answers your questions. Don't just take our word for it though... Check out our many positive reviews from clients.

Rock-solid security

Keeping your data and your customers’ data private is vital. People won’t do business with you if they don’t think your eCommerce store is safe. Pressable keeps your store and your customers safe with a powerful firewall, SSL certificates, and free Jetpack Security Daily.

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Sell more with your eCommerce store

As an eCommerce store owner, you need to focus on developing products and attracting new customers, not website and server issues. Pressable gives you the focus you need with automated WordPress updates, malware and threat monitoring, and much more!

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Performance is key to online sales success

WooCommerce websites hosted on Pressable enjoy optimized page load times, rock-solid stability, and infinite scaling. That means faster page load speeds, better SEO ratings, lower PPC costs, and more conversions.

  • Global CDN and caching

    Our 28-point content delivery network and global edge caching ensure your sites load lightning-fast.

  • 100% uptime SLA

    We’re so confident in our reliability, we’re the only host to back our promise with a 100% network uptime service agreement.

  • Performance monitoring

    If we ever discover a performance issue, we’ll reach out with ideas for improving your site.

Keeping your site (and customers) secure

Security is a top priority! That’s why Pressable works overtime to keep your WooCommerce store (and your customers) safe with powerful firewall protection, free SSL certificates, daily website backups, and WordPress hack recovery assistance.

Additionally, our Personal plan and greater come with Jetpack Security Daily for enhanced security and performance optimization. The Entry plan only includes the Jetpack free license.

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A business partner you can count on

Think of Pressable as your personal IT team, staffed by some of the best WordPress and WooCommerce experts on the planet. We’re here for you 24/7 to answer questions and ensure your eCommerce store runs at its best.

  • Always-on support

    Our support team is always ready to provide timely assistance for any issues — big or small.

  • In-depth documentation

    Our online Knowledge base provides easy access to how-to tutorials and other great information.

  • Free migrations

    Let us migrate your online store to our cloud-based hosting platform at absolutely no cost.

Frequently asked questions

All websites need a host to store their files. The same applies to WooCommerce sites. Pressable managed WordPress hosting is a quick and easy way to launch your WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce hosting is a managed hosting service that’s designed to run your eCommerce site through WooCommerce. Pressable provides managed WordPress WooCommerce hosting.

As WooCommerce is a WordPress extension, any hosting service that supports WordPress will also work for WooCommerce. Still, you should be careful to ensure your provider offers enough bandwidth, storage, and computing power to handle all of your customers. Failing to do so can result in damage to your brand and reputation.

Jetpack WooCommerce is a paid WordPress plugin that gives users access to their hosted media files. Users aren’t locked into a single hosting provider for their WordPress setup. So, as long as the host is WordPress compatible, it should work.

How much it costs to host a WooCommerce store depends on your chosen host provider. Pressable has managed WordPress hosting plans to fit various budgets and site needs.

How much it costs to host a small business website depends on the site’s needs and the individual host. Pressable’s managed WordPress hosting plans start at $25 a month for WooCommerce sites and increase based on traffic and features.

Most business owners want to find a healthy balance between quality and price. In other words, you want the best hosting you can get for the most reasonable price. Although it might be tempting to cut corners with hosting because you can’t necessarily immediately see how it’s helping your site, you’ll notice if your site is down and you can’t do business.

Yes! Pressable will keep your site up and running at its best. Don’t believe us? Look at what our customers say about our unparalleled speed, security, and support.

Security is a critical consideration when choosing your hosting provider, and it’s a top priority at Pressable. We keep your WooCommerce store and customers safe with powerful firewall protection, free SSL certificates, daily website backups, and WordPress hack recovery assistance.

Additionally, most of our plans come with Jetpack Security Daily for enhanced security and performance optimization.

Pressable customers know us as the place where WordPress works best. Since WordPress and WooCommerce run together, we’re also the place where WooCommerce runs best. Need more proof? Take a look at our customer reviews.