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A major issue with web hosting has always been how to charge accurately for usage. Storage and bandwidth have always been and always will be the measuring stick because those are what a host has to pay for on their line items. However, this can cause headaches for website owners who don’t want to be nickel and dimed because a client uploaded a massive image file.

Different Ways of Measuring Site Traffic

Many hosts offer unlimited or unmetered plans to keep billing simple. However, these plans are built on an expectation of average use and do not contemplate growing traffic or surges. If a site starts to grow or has erratic resource consumption, then usually it outgrows these types of plans. When that happens, hosting costs can be difficult to forecast. 

That’s when hosts started to see a better way of helping their customers see what their usage was, while also covering the costs of doing business. Hence the page view and visit were introduced as methods for measuring usage. This helped the host because bandwidth costs continue to be their major concern. It helps the customer because the client is looking at analytics and is only concerned about how many people are coming to their site.

How Does Pressable Measure Site Traffic?

At Pressable, we measure page views and visits in the following ways: 

Page view: A page view measures every page looked at when they visit a site.

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Visit: A visit looks at an aggregate of a users time on that site. Visits are made up of views and allow the host to simplify what the customer has to consider. However, visits vary widely and can be troublesome for a host. This is why many hosts who offer visits still have to account for storage and bandwidth.

At Pressable we measure your account based on page views. This allows us to more closely measure what your usage is. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about your storage and bandwidth usage. You can focus on making your sites as popular as possible. You don’t need to spend hours doing crazy math about bandwidth usage. We give you an easy way to keep up on this number on a per-site basis as well. When you enter the control panel for your site the current month’s page views are displayed front and center.

We want to be as upfront as possible about what we are doing for you. This means transparency about what is required to make your site work at peak performance 24/7. By basing our services on page views, we are being honest about what it takes to make that happen. Have more questions about how your sites work on Pressable’s space? You can always contact our support team, anytime, day or night.

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