Why Is WordPress the Right Solution for Your Startup?

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You’ve got it: the perfect idea for a business to make you millions. There’s only one problem. You can’t start from the top. You’ve got to pull your company up by the bootstraps like everyone else. But thanks to modern technology, getting your startup off the ground is easier than ever before. No matter what issues you might encounter, chances are there’s a solution out there to make it better.

One of the first and biggest hurdles that business owners face is creating a website. There are so many platforms and services out there, it’s hard to find one that seems like a perfect fit for your business. Luckily for you, this is the only research stop you’ll need to make. WordPress is the web solution your startup can’t start without. Read more to find out why WordPress is the perfect solution for you.

It’s Affordable

WordPress itself is free and open-source. The costs involved are up to you. Will you go with a premium managed WordPress host, or will you choose a more affordable option? Are you leaning toward a premium theme, or looking at one of the many free themes available?

If you’d rather leave it up to an expert, you can also hire a professional to take care of it all for you. WordPress developers can help pick themes, hosts, or even design you an entire website from scratch. It’s all up to you and your budget.

It’s Easy to Use

You might think ‘How am I supposed to make an entire website?! I don’t know how to code.’ WordPress makes it easy. You don’t have to be an expert to build your site. There are plenty of themes out there available that set up a framework for you to create in.

24/7 WordPress Support

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If you want to start becoming more hands-on with your site, there’s an entire community of people out there ready and willing to help you grow. Add to that tons of videos and training services that are available to help newbies and experts alike, and you’ve got a user-friendly platform that’s perfect for your startup.

It’s Customizable

Have an idea? Chances are you can make it a reality with WordPress. Some of the world’s biggest websites are made with WordPress…and some of the most complex. While there are plenty of themes out there that can help make your site ‘yours,’ there are also a lot of plugins that will help with customization, too.

Choose what kind of forms you want, what kind of menus you’d like, or if you’d like your website to have a custom ‘color.’ The possibilities are endless with WordPress. And if you can’t customize a site to your liking, there are plenty of developers out there that can make your dream a reality.

It’s Scalable

As your startup grows, your website will have to, as well. But a lot of other website building software will charge for growth opportunities. With WordPress, the only limit to your growth and scale potential is your host.

Managed hosts like Pressable have page view ranges that scale with your business. We have plans that go from 60,000 page views/month all the way to 10,000,000, and even more! Whatever you need, however soon you need it, Pressable has a plan for you.

It’s Secure

One of the biggest misconceptions about WordPress is that it’s an insecure platform. While there have been some security issues in the past, these can all be mitigated with a simple word: update.

Since it’s an open-source platform, WordPress and the individuals who develop for it are in charge of ensuring its security by issuing updates for any vulnerabilities that users find in their code. How can you ensure you’re using secure plugins or themes? Look for ones that are updated regularly. That plus a high user rating ensures that your site and users’ data will remain safe and sound.

It’s eCommerce and Marketing Friendly

In the massive plugin repository for WordPress, there are tons of plugins to help improve your site’s eCommerce and marketing capabilities. If you host your site with Pressable, you’ll gain exclusive access to two of those: WooCommerce and Jetpack Security Daily.

Pressable has a unique partnership with WooCommerce that you won’t find anywhere else. We both operate under the Automattic family, which means if you have an issue with Woo, we can give you a direct line to support. It’s not uncommon for our teams to connect with each other and fix issues for you, just so we can mitigate issues that much faster. Our support team also takes care of WooCommerce updates for you, keeping your site as secure as possible.

We also partner with Jetpack to get you exclusive access to Jetpack Security Daily, a powerful plugin with extreme capabilities, absolutely free. Jetpack Security Daily has features like SEO tools, unlimited backups, malware detection, traffic monitoring, and more.

It’s Right at Your Fingertips

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to WordPress is it’s right at your fingertips. The Pressable team makes it easy to get your site up and running, whether you’re starting a site from scratch or migrating a site from another platform. Request a demo of our hosting platform today and see how Pressable can help get your startup up and running.

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