How to Customize WordPress Website Templates


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One of the reasons that so many people use WordPress is that it simplifies the design process. You can start with WordPress website templates—called themes—that come in a wide variety of styles, and then easily customize them to meet your needs. If you know how you want your site to look but need some help tweaking the details, WordPress is the platform for you. Just follow these steps.

Step One: Select a Theme

There are literally thousands of themes available for WordPress. Some are simple and sparse; others are bold and busy. Many are available for free, while others you will have to buy. Spend some time looking through your options, and select the theme that best fits your final vision for your site.

Step Two: Learn about Design Basics

No matter what kind of site you are creating or what target audience you are trying to attract, there are certain principles of web design that you will need to follow. There are countless resources out there explaining these ideas (such as ConversionXL’s 8 principle list and CrazyEgg’s 5 principles of usability), and it’s definitely worth your time to learn the basics before you start customizing.

Step Three: Add Widgets

WordPress widgets are easy tools for customizing the look of your site and expanding its functions. Like with WordPress website templates, the list of available widgets is practically endless. Decide which parts of your site you most want to customize, and search for a widget that you can simply plug in to do the work for you.

Step Four: Work with the Code

If your site still doesn’t look the way you had imagined, you will need to start working with the code directly. Be aware that this process can be long, confusing – especially for novice developers – and have unforeseen consequences for your site. WordPress offers a number of tutorials explaining various customization strategies, but it may be better to solicit the help of an expert.


Now that your WordPress site looks perfect, it’s time to introduce it to the Internet. Make sure that you have the hosting resources you need to really make your site stand out. Work with the WordPress hosting specialists at Pressable to boost your speeds, enhance your security, and get expert support when you need it most.

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