Shared, VPS and Dedicated WordPress Hosting: What Do They All Mean?

We get asked this question all the time – what is the difference between shared, VPS and dedicated WordPress hosting, and which is right for me? The answer to that question is a long one, and it’s different for every person we talk to. Thankfully, we recently came across a resource that does a great job of explaining the basics of each and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses that WordPress users most need to be aware wordpress hosting

Even though this article contains a lot of good information, it is still an opinion piece, and there are a few conclusions that we take issue with. But setting those aside, this is a great resource for people that simply want a simple answer to a complex question. The building analogy that they use throughout is particularly effective. While this piece does such a good job of distilling shared, VPS, and dedicated WordPress hosting down to their core qualities, the piece also illustrates how difficult it can be to settle on one approach and feel like it is definitely the right one for you.

Since we are now and always have been a company that deals only with WordPress hosting, we have seen firsthand how hard it can be for clients to commit to one kind of hosting or another. Is it better to start with the low cost of shared hosting, even if it makes you vulnerable to certain security threats, or is it worth it to pay more for dedicated WordPress hosting and not have to worry about other companies exposing you to viruses and downtime? That’s not an easy question to answer, but we can provide some guidance.

The author makes a great point at the end of the piece that cost should be the least of your concerns. Sure, dedicated WordPress hosting might cost more, but isn’t it worth it to spend a little extra money to know that your web presence is stable, fast, and well protected? Going with the cheapest company you can find is almost always a mistake, and the cost of having to switch suddenly can be significant.

Ultimately, you should seek out a company that can provide you with shared, VPS, or dedicated WordPress hosting (and ideally also private cloud options) and then connect you with WordPress experts that can help you effectively evaluate your options. The only way to know with certainty which option is right for you is to dive into the details of your business and the technical infrastructure underpinning WordPress hosting. For most people, that is a daunting and confusing prospect. But if a company truly values your business, it will make your satisfaction and certainty its highest priority.

Pressable is widely recognized as one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers in the business, and we have options to meet any and all of your needs. Begin consulting with one of our on-staff experts to take this conversation a step further.

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