The Top 15 Resources for WordPress Website Templates

wordpress managed hostingWe get questions all the time from customers that are looking for WordPress themes. Well, we have good news, because we recently came across a great resource listing various sources of premium WordPress themes. Clear a block of time before you dive in, because there are hundreds of stunning looking WordPress website templates to browse through. We know from experience how easy it is to get wrapped up browsing though all your options!

The reason that we chose to highlight this resource is that these aren’t just any website templates—they’re premium templates. They’ve been built by expert designers according to the best principles of online presentation, coded by WordPress experts to eliminate bugs and snags, and backed up by support teams that are prepared to answer all your questions.

If you are familiar with WordPress at all, you know that not all themes are created equal. There are simply so many of them that there are bound to be some defective, confusing, and just plain bizarre-looking WordPress website templates floating around out there. That is why premium templates are such a welcome alternative, even if they might cost you a little bit of money.

Another great thing about this list is that most of the companies mentioned have a specific focus when it comes to theme design. Some are better suited to businesses, others to blogs. Some are built with WordPress experts in mind, while others target novice users. If you start with a repository that was built to serve customers just like you, the true scope of your options becomes apparent.

Customization is another thing to keep in mind. If you don’t have the time or the expertise to tinker endlessly with your WordPress website template, these providers offer the tools you’ve been looking for. Switching up fonts, working with a unique color pallet, and refining your layout is a lot easier when you rely on a premium template. As you start investigating these companies, make sure that you look into your options for customization. The best companies should be able to facilitate any design.

Since our focus is WordPress hosting rather than website development, we can’t personally recommend any of these companies. But as you could probably guess, our team spends a lot of time looking at WordPress sites, and we can attest that many of these themes are of the very highest quality. As your target audience becomes ever more web-savvy, and your competitors refine their own web presence, you can’t afford to skimp on design. Rather than trying to change looks mid-course, it’s worth it to invest in a quality theme that you’re thrilled with from the start.

If you are making the effort to get your WordPress site looking as good as possible, make sure that its functionality is on par with its appearance. For that, you need quality WordPress hosting. Our business was built to serve users just like you, so partner with Pressable, pick a great theme, and watch your site start to flourish.

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