4 Signs You Need Dedicated WordPress Hosting

When you rely on dedicated WordPress Hosting, your entire web presence is housed on a dedicated server that you have exclusive control over. The cost of this kind of hosting is higher, but for some businesses it’s the only option that makes sense. Here are four signs that dedicated WordPress hosting might be right for you. WordPress Hosting Requirements

1.     Security Is a Priority

When you host your WordPress presence on a shared server, you compromise some of its security. The other sites you share the server space with could open you up to vulnerabilities, whether because of simple negligence and oversight, or through malicious intent. If you deal with sensitive information or simply want to avoid the hassles of a data breach or virus attack, dedicated WordPress hosting might be right for you.

2.     Uptime Is Mandatory

The behavior of other sites’ users can cause your own sites to go offline if you are hosted on a shared server. Something as simple as a script test can negatively affect everyone else. When you rely on a dedicated server, you have total control, so you are the only party that can affect your web presence.

3.     Speed Can’t Be Compromised

Shared servers can inflate your load times because you have to rely on communal resources. Studies have shown that Internet users are not willing to wait for a site to load, especially in the world of ecommerce. If you need to ensure the fastest speeds at all times, dedicated WordPress hosting offers the tools you need.

4.     Customization Counts

Hosting providers typically put fewer stipulations and controls on dedicated servers because a single client utilizes the entire resource. If you have unique WordPress hosting needs and want to customize your capabilities, you are better off relying on your own dedicated server.

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