4 Signs You Chose the Wrong Managed WordPress Hosting Partner

The unfortunate truth is that not all managed WordPress hosting providers are created equal, and some can even have a detrimental effect on your site. If you have recently signed up with a new hosting partner and you are trying to evaluate their performance, these 4 red flags could indicate you’ve made the wrong choice.wordpress hosting

1. Your Site Slows Down

Speed is an integral component of the success of your site. Great managed WordPress hosting providers use tools like managed caching and content delivery networks to make your site faster than it is now. Bad providers, though, can actually slow your site down by mismanaging the back-end processes. Keep track of your load times and take note if they start to increase.

2. You Struggle to Get Service

The whole point of managed WordPress hosting is for qualified experts to handle the crucial components of site maintenance and monitoring for you. If you are struggling to get a hold of these experts and then receive brief, brusque or inadequate service, they are really just holding your site hostage. Make sure that your provider is always available to answer your questions and fully address your concerns, and that they’re willing to work with you for as long as it takes to reach a resolution.

3. Your Site Crashes

Let’s say you get an unexpected write-up by a major media outlet and your traffic quintuples overnight. This is a huge opportunity—as long as your site is working. If your managed WordPress hosting provider hasn’t made adequate provision for spikes in traffic, it could cause your site to go down at the worst possible time. It’s not unreasonable for you to expect your provider to be able to handle a spike in traffic

4. You Pay Too Much to Grow

Your success shouldn’t be a liability. If you are trying to grow the size of your capabilities and finding that you are locked into a pricing plan that makes scaling upward cost prohibitive, you are with the wrong managed WordPress hosting provider. Look for a company that can offer scalable services that are affordable, flexible, and fast.


Pressable is an industry leader in the field of managed WordPress hosting. Work with us, and leave your red flags at home.

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