6 Benefits of Hosting Your WordPress Website on the Cloud

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When searching for a managed WordPress hosting service for your WordPress site, you will inevitably encounter cloud hosting. WordPress website cloud hosting has become increasingly popular among agencies, freelance developers, webmasters, and e-commerce businesses that prioritize speed, reliability, scalability, and security.

Unlike shared, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated hosting, cloud hosting doesn’t rely on a single server or data center. Instead, it utilizes clusters of remote servers in multiple data centers located around the world. Cloud hosting essentially allocates a fixed amount of virtual resources from these server clusters to each of the service’s customers. Due to this unique architecture, WordPress website cloud hosting can benefit your business in several ways.

1) WordPress Cloud Hosting Delivers Faster Speed

WordPress website cloud hosting is typically faster than traditional web hosting services. If you use shared hosting, your website has to compete for the virtual resources of a single server or data center. And since it’s not uncommon for shared servers to host hundreds or even thousands of websites, that’s a lot of competition. The result is a website that may load quickly sometimes and struggle to load at others. 

VPS and dedicated hosting are significantly better for providing resources since yours is the only website running on a given machine. But they still can’t match the lightning-fast performance that a cloud hosting provider can provide without purchasing access to a global CDN like Cloudflare, which can get expensive depending on your needs.

When you use a cloud hosting partner like Pressable, your WordPress website has exclusive access to a fixed amount of virtual resources from a cluster of interconnected servers. If another customer’s website experiences a traffic spike, or if one of the servers in the cloud cluster experiences a technical hiccup, it won’t affect your site’s performance. Instead, your website will continue to load quickly for your visitors.

Additionally, most premium cloud-based WordPress hosts provide free access to a CDN. So, while the cost of WordPress cloud hosting may appear higher than that of shared hosting – or even a VPS – you ultimately get a greater value and eliminate the need for specific 3rd party tools to achieve the same level of performance. 

2) WordPress Cloud Hosting Offers More Scalability

Another reason to consider hosting your website on the cloud is scalability. Websites require different amounts of virtual resources depending on their traffic. As your website’s traffic increases, for instance, it will require more virtual resources from the server or servers on which it’s hosted. When it decreases, on the other hand, it will require fewer virtual resources.

As we stated earlier, your site has to compete with others for resources if you’re using shared WordPress hosting. So, if you receive an unexpected spike in traffic, some users may find themselves unable to access your website. 

On the other hand, cloud WordPress hosting is engineered with scalability in mind. So, suppose your online business suddenly becomes insanely popular, or a piece of your content goes viral. In that case, your website will continue to function normally due to its distributed nature and use of a built-in CDN.  

3) WordPress Cloud Hosting Provides Redundancy and Reliability

Because it utilizes a cluster of servers rather than a single server or data center, cloud WordPress hosting offers redundancy to reduce or even eliminate instances of downtime. If one of the servers in the cloud cluster goes down, the other servers will take over to ensure your site stays up and running.

The redundant architecture of WordPress cloud hosting promotes exceptionally high uptime that’s virtually unheard of in traditional web hosting services. It’s improbable that all the servers in your website’s cloud cluster will ever go down at the same time. 

For example, Pressable’s cloud-based WordPress hosting network was designed by the same minds behind and WordPress VIP with redundancy and automatic failover built-in. That’s why we’re the only managed WordPress hosting provider that guarantees 100% network uptime in our SLA

4) You’ll Have Improved Security with WordPress Cloud Hosting

You can rest assured knowing that your website is secure when hosted on the cloud. Many people associate cloud services, including WordPress cloud hosting, as easy to hack since they are entirely online. Cloud-based hosting, however, offers multiple safeguards to protect your website from a variety of cyber threats.

Cloud hosting providers use virtualization technology to segment each customer’s virtual resources and data. No other customer will be able to access your website’s virtual resources or data, even if their website is hosted on the same cloud cluster. Furthermore, a malware infection on any single server won’t affect your website. If one of your website’s servers is infected with malware, the cloud hosting provider can isolate it until the infection is removed.

Additionally, Pressable employs a web application firewall (WAF) for enhanced network security. A WAF acts as a proxy between the user’s browser and the webserver to review input and determine if it should be transferred to the webserver. So, for example, if an attacker sends malformed input in textbox to perform a SQL injection attack, our WAF detects it and blocks any malicious code from reaching the database server. 

5) You’ll Enjoy Better SEO with WordPress Cloud Hosting

Hosting your WordPress website on the cloud solves both website hosting and SEO and can result in higher search rankings. Search engines use both speed and uptime as ranking signals. In 2010, Google published a blog post on its official Webmaster Central Blog in which it revealed that faster websites rank higher than slower websites. More recently, Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed that an outage of just 15 minutes would – to some degree – impact a website’s rankings.

Cloud-based WordPress hosting is fast and reliable, making it an effective hosting solution for search engine optimization. Search engines will notice that your website loads more quickly for visitors and is rarely (or never) down. As a result, the search engine algorithms will prioritize your website above competitors in the search results.

Cloud hosting alone probably won’t drive your website’s organic listings to the top of the search results, but it will send the right signals to assist with improving SEO results.

6) You’ll Get Amazing Customer Support with WordPress Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based WordPress hosting providers – like Pressable – offer exceptional customer service and support. Suppose you have a question or concern regarding your website. In that case, you can contact your cloud hosting provider directly for assistance and get timely help from people who know the platform – and WordPress – inside and out. 

For example, Pressable’s world-class support team quickly handles all hosting-related issues, as well as questions and concerns regarding WordPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and more. We do this 24/7 to ensure we exceed your expectations and have the best possible hosting experience.

A Few Final Thoughts

You can host your WordPress website using any type of web hosting, but it’s hard to ignore the clear benefits of hosting in the cloud. Cloud hosting is fast, scalable, redundant, secure, SEO-friendly, and backed by unparalleled customer support. 

In addition to the benefits stated above, Pressable offers customers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all hosting plans, free migration of your website to our platform performed by the Pressable support team, free SSL certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt, and free Jetpack Security Daily to provide an added layer of safety and protection for your WordPress websites. 

Have questions about how Pressable’s WordPress hosting plans can help keep your site safe? Interested in seeing our managed WordPress hosting platform in action? Schedule a demonstration today!


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