Reset Your Passwords

At Pressable, there are a few areas that you may need to reset passwords for:

WordPress Admin

If you find yourself unable to log into the WordPress Admin (WP Admin) because you have forgotten, or do not know your password, there are a few ways that can be obtained:

More information, including screenshots, can be found here: Dashboard

If you are locked out of your Dashboard, you can click the Forgot Password option to email a password reset for your account:

Important: If you don’t receive the password reset email in your inbox within five minutes, please check your spam/junk folder.


If you forget or lose your SSH password, you can reset it by returning your dashboard and navigating to Sites → Select the site you’d like to access via SSH → Collaborators | SFTP | SSH, then select the Reset button to generate a new one:

More information can be found here:

Customer Success help

If you need the assistance of the Customer Success team in resetting your password, feel free to start a chat with us or send us an email at