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Caching Types Available in Pressable

WordPress is an amazing tool for publishing a website tied into a relational database. In order to make a WordPress website perform as fast as possible Pressable uses a number of cache…

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How CDN Works at Pressable

All Pressable sites can activate our Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our CDN has points of presence (PoPs) globally, as shown on the map above. These PoPs allow us to deliver content to…

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How does Batcache page caching work?

Page caching is one of the three levels of caching Pressable uses to ensure your site loads quickly and efficiently. To achieve page caching, we use a drop-in plugin called Batcache, which…

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Object Caching with Memcache

By default the WordPress object cache is non-persistent. This means that data stored in the object cache resides in memory only and only for the duration of the request. However, Pressable uses…

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How to Modify Your Cache Control Header in Pressable

By default, Pressable’s CDN will set the cache-control: max-age to 7 days — unless the asset has a parameter, in which case it will be 10 years. If you’d like to increase…