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Pressable Service and Platform Considerations

Category: FAQ | Last modified: November 24, 2021

PHP Version

Pressable provides support for PHP version 7.4 and 8.0 on all sites. You may switch between PHP versions of each site in the MyPressable Control Panel.

You can also change your account level PHP version, which will set a default PHP version for all new sites created in your account.

PHP versions lower than 7.4.x are not installed or supported.

You can view the version of PHP on your site by creating a PHP file on your site, pasting in <? echo phpinfo(); and opening the file in your browser.

More info about PHP limits on Pressable

ionCube, ZendGuard Loader

Pressable at this time does not support or install the ionCube or ZendGuard Loader extensions.


Pressable at this time does not support or install Imagick.

Inbound Firewall

Pressable sites allow traffic over TCP ports 80 and 443 as well as support for uploading of files via TCP port 22 (SFTP). Pressable does not support and will not add custom firewall rules to allow inbound traffic to your site or your site’s database/database server(s).

Outbound Firewall

Pressable sites allow outbound traffic to the following protocols and ports:

  • TCP ports 465, 587 (SMTP)
  • TCP ports 110, 995 (POP3)
  • TCP ports 143, 993 (IMAP)
  • TCP ports 80, 443 (HTTP, HTTPS)

All other outbound traffic is rejected and logged.


Each Pressable site comes pre-configured with one (1) database for use with that site. Pressable does not support creating additional databases, connecting one site to another database, or external access to any given site’s database.

Streaming Video

Pressable does not provide support for transcoding or streaming video assets uploaded to a site’s Media Library. Pressable recommends using other services specifically geared towards video upload and streaming such as, but not limited to: YouTube, Vimeo, VideoPress.

Expiry Headers and .htaccess Configuration Files

Pressable uses NGINX and PHP-FPM to handle requests and render page content for a given site. As such, and without the use of Apache, an ‘.htaccess’ file has no effect on the site or its settings.

Expiry headers are not set by default, and we are unable to modify the NGINX configuration file to include them. However, you can enable the CDN on a site with an active domain (i.e. not staging URL), which will enable server-side caching and set expiry headers for all static resources on your site that are served from our CDN.

NGINX Configuration Files

Pressable provides and manages the NGINX configuration files used for all of the sites hosted on Pressable. As such, the ability to edit or customize (either directly or through a support request) the configurations is not supported.

If you wish to add redirects to your site, the Safe Redirect Manager plugin (or similar) can be used.

GZIP Compression

Pressable enables GZIP compression at the server level by default. You do not have to worry about setting up gzip compression.

GZIP compression compresses your site’s CSS, HTML and JavaScript files. GZIP does not compress images. GZIP compression can reduce a file’s size by 60 percent or more.

Transactional Email Rate Limiting

A Pressable site cannot send more than 200 transactional emails per hour.


Due to the structure of how the Pressable platform is setup, users will not see or have access to create or modify “Managed WordPress” files or “Managed Themes & Plugins” files (see below) upon establishing an SFTP connection to their site.

Managed WordPress

Pressable manages the version of WordPress installed for each site and always keeps the version up-to-date with the latest stable release found on WordPress.org, updated automatically on release day. Planned WordPress release dates can be viewed here: https://wordpress.org/about/roadmap/.

The ability to make direct modifications to WordPress core files or to install and use a prior release of WordPress are not supported.

Sites hosted at Pressable may have a Pressable user added to their site for support purposes. This user is fully secured and cannot be removed while the site is hosted on our platform.

Managed Themes & Plugins

In addition to WordPress core, Pressable installs and manages the following plugins on each Pressable site:

In select instances, the WooCommerce plugin is installed and managed by Pressable. The following themes are also installed and managed on each Pressable site:

In select instances, the Storefront theme is installed and managed by Pressable.

WordPress Multisite

WordPress multisites with path-based networks are supported. Domain-based networks are not supported.

Non-WordPress PHP Applications/Frameworks

Pressable does not provide support for non-WordPress PHP based applications and frameworks. While nothing on the Pressable platform prohibits the execution of these applications, their functionality should be considered “as-is”. If Pressable detects that a non-WordPress PHP based application/framework is causing resource strain, we’ll ask the site owner to remove the application.