Will my multisite work on Pressable?

It’s easy to check whether your multisite will work on Pressable.

First, go to My Sites -> Network Admin -> Sites in the top-left menu.

Here, you will see your site and subsites.

If your sites begin with the same domain but end differently (with a different directory), you have a subdirectory multisite. This configuration is functional on Pressable.

However, if your sites include subdomains or different domains, this configuration is not currently supported by Pressable.

A potential workaround does exist but requires moving the sites off the multisite network and thus will not work if your subsites require a shared database (for example due to users having a single account across the subsites). By extracting each subsite into its own standalone WordPress instance you are able to host each site, with their subdomain URLs intact, as separate Pressable sites.

We have a guide on the process of turning a multisite network subsite into a standalone WordPress site available here.

For more information on creating a WordPress multisite network, see this guide from WordPress.org.