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How Visits Are Calculated

Category: Pre Sales Questions | Last modified: February 3, 2021

We count visits to sites in order to fairly quantify their consumption of system resources. Each plan has an allotment of visits. See our pricing for further information.

A visit is tabulated when a single browser loads a site in a 24 hour period. In other words, a browser can visit several pages within a site in a 24 hour period, but only one visit will be tabulated.

If an account goes over its visits limit, the account owner will see an alert in their my.pressable.com control panel. We will never disable a site for going over its visits limit. Our unique visit overage rates are $12/10K visits. We can add visits to any plan at a lesser rate of $8/10K visits – simply contact sales for assistance with that.

We use Gauges, a third party service, to count and track visits to sites, and you may review this data for your sites in your MyPressable Control Panel.

If you have any questions, please contact the billing team at billing[@]pressable.com.

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