What Pressable Can Do and How We Can Help

Pressable strives to provide world-class support to all of our customers. In addition to our Service and Platform Considerations, the following details our responsibilities as your host, as well as the levels of support we can provide.

Our support team will ensure that our hosting environment is secure and performing, within the scope of our Platform Considerations.

Managing Hardware

Pressable ensures all maintenance and management of servers and the datacenters that they are in.

Updating Core WordPress CMS

Pressable manages all updates to WordPress core files. Updates are applied on the day that they are released.

100% Network Uptime SLA

Pressable’s Service Level Agreement guarantees that our data center network will be available 100% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance. The data center network means the portion of the Pressable network extending from the outbound port on our edge device to the outbound port of the data center border router.

Hardware Monitoring

Pressable actively monitors server and network performance 24/7/365.

Daily Backups

Pressable performs daily backups of a site’s files and hourly database backups. These are available from your site settings dashboard at my.pressable.com. Customers can also manually backup their site(s). In addition, customers can also use tools, such as Jetpack Security Daily (which is included with the Personal plan or greater – the entry plan includes the Jetpack Free plugin), to back up their sites automatically.

Core WordPress Functionality

There are many great resources to learn how to use WordPress. For specific questions about the core WordPress functionality, you may contact Customer Support for further assistance.

Site Monitoring

Pressable will ensure our promised network uptime of 100%. However, code on your site from plugins, themes, or other customizations, can cause errors on your site that prevent it from loading properly. We recommend using the Jetpack Security Daily plan that is included in your Pressable hosting (the Personal plan or greater), as it will check the status of your site every five minutes and notify you of any issues.

Site Performance

If you wish to test or monitor the performance of your site, there are many third-party tools that you can use, such as GT Metrix or Pingdom.

Pressable has optimized our network and hardware infrastructure for industry-leading WordPress performance. If you find your site isn’t performing, we recommend testing your theme, plugins, and other code customizations to find the source of the issue. We have a helpful guide designed to assist you in troubleshooting website performance issues.

Plugin/Theme Management

You are responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining the plugins and themes that you choose to use on your site. Questions regarding third-party plugins and themes should be directed to their respective developers.

In the case of plugins that are managed by Pressable (Jetpack, Akismet, and WooCommerce if you are on our e-commerce plans), they will be automatically installed and updated by Pressable. Updates will be applied as they become available.

Customizations – Themes, Plugins, Etc. (Settings)

You are responsible for modifying your site in the ways that you want. This includes modifications to plugins, themes, and core WordPress settings.


Pressable will review error logs and provide you with information that should help you to troubleshoot problems on your site. Additionally, we have a guide on plugin and theme conflict testing that is helpful when isolating problems. Isolating or fixing specific issues within third-party code will need to be addressed by the original developer of the code. Alternatively, if you are looking to hire a developer for this type of work we recommend Codeable.io.

If you have any questions about the level of support we provide and our responsibilities, please contact us at help@pressable.com.