Where Are Pressable Data Centers Located?

Data Center Locations

Our data centers are in the following locations:

  • AMS: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • DCA: Washington, DC
  • BUR: Los Angeles, CA
  • DFW: Dallas, TX

Each site has primary and secondary servers. If a site’s primary server experiences interruptions in connectivity, connections will automatically fail-over to the secondary server.

Our systems team can change a site’s primary and/or secondary server(s) at any time, e.g. scheduled maintenance.

Can I Select a Default Data Center?

Yes. To select a default datacenter you can go to Settings > Sites here: https://my.pressable.com/settings/sites

Then select the data center location you’d like to use in the Default Datacenter section, as shown below:

The Pressable API documentation includes the default data center option setting for the account. The currently selected value also includes the GET response for an account, displaying the account’s current default data center setting.

Can a Data Center be Changed?

No. While it is possible to select the data center used by a site at the time of creation, it is NOT possible to easily change the data center after a site is created.

To change the data center after a site is created, the site would need to be cloned, selecting the new data center when creating the cloned site. Once the clone is finished, the domain should be removed from the current site and added to the clone.