How to Clone a Website

Pressable’s cloning and staging site functionality allows users to create a duplicate of a site on their account. Clones and WordPress staging environments are useful if you are looking to create a test/development environment or if you are looking to build a new site using an existing site as a starting point.

From the “Actions” dropdown, select the “Clone” option.

In the window that opens, enter the name of the cloned site you would like. For example, if you are making a development environment, you might add dev to the front of the name. If you are going to make a brand new website with the original as a starting point, give it a name that is appropriate for the new site.

Toggling the “Staging Site” slider on will prevent the new site from counting towards your overall site limit and also prevent domains being added to it until it is converted to a live site (more on that at the bottom of this article).

When you create a clone, you have the option to set it as “staging”. The amount of staging sites your account can have is equal to the number of regular sites available on your plan, up to a maximum of 20. For example, if you have a 10 site plan, you will also have 10 staging site spaces – these do not count towards your overall site limit.

Read more about the different between live sites, staging sites, and clones.

Once you have clicked “Create”, the cloning process will begin. You can check the status of the clone from your MyPressable Control Panel. The amount of time a site takes to clone will vary based on the size of the site and its files.

Screenshot of clone status within the MyPressable Control Panel. Tag: Staging. Name: My-clone-name. URL: Date 2021/02/02 05:11 pm. Status: cloning.

Staging Sites will be marked as such with a “staging” tag by their site name.

As soon as the clone process is finished, you will receive an email letting you know the process is finished and giving you information related to the new clone site. Please wait for this email before accessing your clone site.

You can also check the MyPressable Control Panel for information relating to the new clone site.

Staging Sites cannot have domains added to them by default. However, they can be converted to a live site by clicking the “Convert to Live Site” button on their site page in your MyPressable Control Panel – this will then allow them to have domains added. Converting the site to a live site will then make it count towards your overall site limit and remove it from your staging site limit.

Screenshot of MyPressable Control Panel Staging Environment section. Description: A staging site is a clone of your site. Changes you make on a staging site do not reflect on your live website. Button: Convert to live site.

If you are logged in as a Collaborator the Clone & Staging option is not available. Cloning & Staging is only available to the account owner.

To read more about how to push your staging site into production, please click here.