Disabling a Site

Pressable allows you to disable sites in your account. This feature can be helpful if you no longer want your site publicly accessible for a temporary period.

Disabling your site is different from deleting it, as the site’s information and all of its files remain saved on the Pressable servers. Additionally, the site will still count toward the number of sites allowed in your plan.

Only account holders can disable a site. Collaborators are not able to disable a site unless they have user permission to do that.

Disabling a Site

To disable a site, navigate to the settings panel for the site at my.pressable.com by clicking on the site name or the settings icon.

On the site settings page, click on the “Actions” menu to find the option to Disable Site.

Click on the Disable Site option, a pop-up will appear to get confirmation. Once you click on the Disable Site button here, the site will be disabled.

Once disabled, visitors to the site will no longer see the site or its content. Instead, they will see a 480 Temporarily Unavailable notice that the site has been disabled.

When a site is in the disabled state, it will not perform any of its normal functions. Access to wp-admin is also disabled in this state. Any plugin/s or other custom code on the site will not run when the site is disabled.

If you instead wish to temporarily hide the site from visitors, you can add a maintenance mode plugin (or any similar plugin) to it.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If a Pressable account gets disabled (due to late payment, etc.), upon re-enabling the account, ALL previously disabled sites under the account will also be enabled. 

Enabling a Site

To reactivate a site that you’ve previously disabled, navigate to the settings panel for the site at my.pressable.com. On the site settings page, navigate to the Actions menu to find the option to Enable Site.

Enabling a site will take effect immediately. If your site doesn’t load after this step, you may need to clear your browser’s cache.