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How do I add a collaborator guest account to my site?

Category: Tutorials | Last modified: April 13, 2022

Pressable makes it easy for you to collaborate with other people on your website. This makes it easy for you to share credentials with designers, developers and other collaborators, while keeping your account and other sites in it safe and secure. Collaborator access will grant them site-specific access to MyPressable, the site’s wp-admin, SFTP, and phpMyAdmin.

Add a Collaborator

To add a collaborator to your project login to MyPressable, click the name of the site you wish to add the collaborator to and navigate to the Users tab where you will see the Users & SFTP section. Click on the “Add Collaborator” button to view the option.

Step 1:
Enter the collaborator’s email address.

Step 2:
Select appropriate permissions for the User and then click on “Add”. Please note that, regardless of these permissions, your collaborator will see the sites within the MyPressable control panel.

Once added, you will be able to see the list of Users on a site similar to this:

Your collaborator will receive an email that looks something like this:

Collaborator Access and Permissions

Collaborators only have access to the website they have been added to, and can only view/edit aspects of the site that they have permissions for.

By default, the permissions are set to enable the following functions:

NOTE: When setting User permissions, ensure that only required actions are added. Especially when giving access to actions that impact Plan usage – create/delete/convert sites; and also permissions to add/delete/manage other users.

Updating User Permissions

If you need to update permissions for a user after adding them, this can be done from the Users tab as well – expand the permissions list by clicking on the arrow next to the user that you want to manage:

You will see the list of permissions, check or un-check actions the User is permitted to perform and then click on the “Update Permissions” button.

Removing a Collaborator

You can remove collaborators at any time by visiting MyPressable, scrolling to the Collaborators & SFTP section and clicking on the trash icon next to the collaborator’s information.

Also, be sure to delete the user if they no longer require access (or edit that user to a “Subscriber” role) within your WordPress website.

Collaborators in Bulk

Collaborators can be added to and removed from, multiple sites at once from the “Collaborators” page here: my.pressable.com/collaborators

Step 1 and Step 2 are the same as adding a collaborator on a single site. Step 3 is choosing the sites that you want to add the User to. Enter the collaborator’s email address, select permissions if you are adding the collaborator, select the sites, and press either the “Add” or “Remove” button depending on what you want to do.

Collaborating on a Website

If you’ve been asked to collaborate on a Pressable website, you’ll receive an email asking you to create a password.

Once you’ve done so you’ll have access to your own MyPressable control panel, with your own SFTP details.

Account-Level Collaborators

If you would like for a specific collaborator to be added to all future sites created in your account by default, this can be done from your Profile page here: my.pressable.com/profile

Under the “Account Permissions” section, you should:

  • Enter the e-mail address of the collaborator (remember that they will be added to all future sites created in your account).
  • Choose whether they can create sites (remember that this can affect your billing). NOTE: If you, as the account owner, set the Default PHP Version in your account settings, this is the default value that will be used for sites created by your collaborators as well. It will not use the Default PHP Version set in their account(s).
  • Choose the permissions they should be given (remember that these will be their permissions for all future sites).

NOTE: This will not add this collaborator to your existing sites. Please see the Collaborators in Bulk section to do that.

Once this Account-Level Collaborator has been added, they will show up in the “Collaborators with Account Permission” section:

As described in the Updating User Permissions and Removing a Collaborator sections, you can update and remove these collaborators as needed. You can also toggle their ability to create new sites in your account as needed.

Understanding User Permissions and Access

There are many different permissions you can assign to your collaborators. If you are unsure about any of what any these do, please see the list below:


  • Clone Site – Allows your collaborator to create an exact copy of your site – generally this is used for debugging without affecting the live site or for development work. This will be created in your account, not theirs, and may impact your billing (e.g. a very large site is cloned which causes you to go over your storage allowance).
  • Enable Site – Sites in your account can be enabled and disabled to allow or disallow public access. This will allow your collaborator to enable your site if it is currently disabled.
  • Disable Site – Allows your collaborator to disable your site if it is currently enabled, preventing public access to it.
  • Delete Site – Allows your collaborator to delete your site. Deletion of a site will schedule it and all backups for deletion. We apply a grace period to all deleted sites to account for accidental deletion/data recovery, but beyond this period we will be unable to recover your site or any backups. Proceed with caution when giving this permission to collaborators.


  • WP Access – This permission will create an administrator user on your site for this collaborator to allow access to the WP Admin Dashboard.
  • Update Site Custom Name – Allows your collaborator to change the custom name given to your site in the My Pressable Control Panel.
  • Update Site WordPress Version – Allows your collaborator to change the version of WordPress your site is running, such as updating to a new beta version for testing.
  • Update Site PHP Version – Allows your collaborator to change the PHP version in use by your site. Over time, PHP versions become outdated and need to be changed. Some plugins/themes may also require (or not be compatible with) certain versions.
  • Convert Site – Allows your collaborator to change a staging site to a live site and vice versa.
  • Manage Notes – Allows your collaborator to add, edit and delete notes for this site in the My Pressable Control Panel.


  • Manage DNS – Allows your collaborator to add and remove domain(s) from your site, as well as edit the DNS entries for those domains (such as MX Records for your e-mail service).


  • Manage Performance – Allows your collaborator access to the “Performance” tab for your site in the My Pressable Control Panel. Actions such as enabling and disabling the CDN, flushing the Object Cache and viewing site analytics can be done in this tab.


  • SFTP Access – Provides SFTP credentials and access to your collaborator. This is useful for access to the site’s files to manually upload/change/delete them.
  • Create Collaborator – Allows your collaborator to add other collaborators to this site. This will allow them to provide any permissions to the new collaborator, including those they do not have themselves. Proceed with caution when giving this permission to collaborators.
  • Delete Collaborator – Allows your collaborator to delete other collaborators from this site.
  • Reset Collaborator Password – By default, your collaborator can always reset their own SFTP password. This permission will allow your collaborator to also reset the SFTP passwords of any other collaborators on the site.

Backups and Restores

  • Download Backups – Allows your collaborator to download previous file system and database backups for this site.
  • Restore Site – Allows your collaborator to use the Site Restore functionality. Using this, they can restore your site to one of the previous backups we hold for the site.


  • Manage Git – Allows your collaborator access to the “Git” tab for your site in the My Pressable Control Panel. This will allow them to setup and manage the connection between your site and a GitHub repository.