How to Flush WordPress Site Cache and Purge the CDN

There are multiple options for purging and flushing site caches here at Pressable. Note that your site may temporarily encounter degraded performance after a cache flush.

MyPressable Control Panel Cache Controls

To clear the WordPress object cache or purge the CDN, login to the MyPressable Control Panel and select the site you want to purge the cache for by clicking on “Settings”

From the “Performance” tab you can selectively purge and flush the CDN and object cache.

If you have Edge Cache enabled, you can also clear that by following the information here:

WP-CLI Cache Flush Command

Another option for flushing your site cache is via WP-CLI.

Once connected to your site via SSH, the following WP-CLI command can be utilized to flush the site’s cache.

wp cache flush

Pressable Cache Management Plugin

The Pressable Cache Management plugin can also be installed on your site to allow you to manage the CDN and Object Cache from your site’s WP Admin Dashboard.

Cache Types

You can learn more about the different types of caching used at Pressable in our Caching Types Available in Pressable article.