Adding Tags On Your WordPress Website

What Are WordPress Tags?

WordPress tags are keywords you assign to sites – they act as descriptors that help organize and find sites in your account with ease. For example, you can now add the project’s name, the client’s name, status, tags that help with your scheduling, etc, to sites. These tags could make the difference between chaos and order!

How to Add Tags to A WordPress Website

Users (Account Owners and Collaborators) have the ability to define and add custom tags to various sites in their site list. Tags are added on a site-by-site basis and are unique to each account holder. This means that the tags that you add are visible only to you, and not to other collaborators. Please note that there are no tags by default unless some are added by you.

Users have the ability to add a single tag or multiple tags at once, by separating tags with a comma.

These user-defined tags can be used to filter sites on your Pressable Dashboard. When a tag is selected using a drop-down, the sites will be filtered based on the selected tag.

Tagging is also available via the Pressable API (v1).

Watch a video about our tagging feature here →