Site Performance Reports

Pressable is now offering Site Performance Reports to help you review and improve the quality of your websites!

Site Performance Report Example

The Site Performance Reports show various important site metrics, as well as helpful information on how to address them. The report checks performance, accessibility, SEO and more for both the desktop and mobile versions of a site.

To access a Site Performance Report, do the following:

  1. Navigate to your MyPressable Dashboard at
  2. Click on the site you’d like to get a report for
  3. Click on the Performance tab

If this is the first time visiting the Performance tab for the site, the report may be in the process of scanning automatically, and you’ll see the following:

Generating Site Performance Reports

The report can take around 5 minutes (or less) to generate. Please refresh your browser page and navigate back to the Performance tab to check to see if the report is done.

Once ready, the report will look like this:

Site Performance Reports Generated

You can click the dropdown arrow to view the report, and toggle between the Mobile and Desktop reports:

Site Performance Reports Overview

You can also click the View Full Report button to open the report in a new page. When viewing the full report, please note that there is no way to toggle between the Desktop and Mobile report without going back to the site’s MyPressable Performance page.

Clicking View Full Report will open up a page that allows you to toggle through the areas (Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO) and will outline issues that are found, along with information on how to address them:

As a Pressable customer, you get one free Performance Report per site, per month.

Site Performance Reports will automatically be generated one month from the last report, and it will state when the next report will run within the Performance tab for each site (shown in the image below).

Once multiple reports have been generated, you can use the Filter Date and Filter Page options to move through available reports. (also shown in the image below).

Site Performance Report Features

PLEASE NOTE: Reports are still in beta. During beta testing technical support is limited to helping with bugs only.

If you have an issue generating or viewing a Site Performance Report, please contact us at