Managing ads.txt in WordPress

An ads.txt file helps ensure that your ads are only sold through sellers (e.g. AdSense) who you’ve authorized. This file belongs in the root of the server and should be accessible at  Once you have this file prepared there are a couple of options to add it to the server:

A quick and simple way to add the file to the server is to upload it via SFTP.  We have a guide on how to connect to the server here:

The file should be uploaded to the server root, in the same location as the wp-content folder and wp-config.php file.  Once uploaded, it will look similar to this:

If you are not comfortable with SFTP and prefer to manage your ads.txt file from within your WordPress dashboard, there are plugins to allow for that.  One such plugin is Ads.txt Manager.  Once installed, you can navigate to “Settings → Ads.txt” to paste in the content for your file.

Press “Save Changes”, and you’re done!  You should now be able to view your file at