Adding MX Records Automatically in Pressable


You can add the following MX records below automatically to your site DNS from MyPressable control panel.

Google Workspace (Formerly GSuite), Microsoft Office 365, Zoho, Namecheap, and Proton mail.

Getting Started

Navigate to Select the site you wish to add the MX records.

Select the Domain tab:

Click on the cog icon from manage domain settings.

Click on the Green Button (Mail Records).

Then select the mail provider that you want to add. The following mail provider options are available:

  • GSuite (Google Workspace, Google Mail)
  • Office365 (Microsoft Office 365, Outlook)
  • Zoho
  • Namecheap
  • Proton

If your email provider is not available you might need to add the MX records manually. Please see our help article Adding DNS Records in Pressable.