How to Delete a WordPress Site from Your Pressable Account

We understand that sometimes you may need to delete a site from our systems.  Removing a site is just as easy as adding a site. When you decide what site you will be deleting, first you must log into your control panel. Then you want to select the site you want to delete like the image shown below.

Once you are in the dashboard for your site, click on the Actions menu. Now click on the “Delete Site” button shown below. Please note that this will completely remove the site and all backups on our end and they will not be able to be recovered. We strongly advise that you download a backup of your site before deleting it.

You will then see a pop-up window with a message stating that this is an irreversible process. You would be required to enter the site name and click on “Approve” to proceed with the deletion.

Also, note that by default, only an account owner can remove a site – collaborators will not see that option in their view unless they have been granted the appropriate permissions. If you still have any questions, please open a chat or submit a ticket via your control panel.