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How to manually backup your site in Pressable

Category: Tutorials | Last modified: January 25, 2023

We automatically backup your site nightly when changes are made. If no changes are made in a given day no backup will be created. However, you may also manually backup your site for safe keeping.

Manually Backing Up Your Site.

First, you will need to log in to your MyPressable Control Panel and select the site you’d like to backup.


Backing Up Your Site’s Database

Once on the site admin click on the “phpmyadmin” icon.



Once you are in phpMyAdmin, you will want to select your database from the left-hand side menu and then click on the export tab in the top center of the resulting page.


In most scenarios the default Quick options will be sufficient:


Click the “Go” button and your database will download to your computer. You can select the Custom export method to fine-tune the options on export.

Manually Backing Up Your Site’s Files

All your site’s files are stored inside the wp-content folder of the WordPress installation. The wp-content folder, which contains your site’s themes, plugins, and uploads.To manually select which files to backup you will use SFTP. This guide will help you get started with SFTP.