How Sites, Staging Websites, and Website Clones work at Pressable

Through your dashboard you have the ability to add a new website, to clone a website, and to create a staging website. We will explain the difference between the three in this article.

A “site” is a standard WordPress installation that begins with a default theme and a URL. You can add a custom domain name to it. It counts as one “site” against your total plan limit.

A “staging website” can either be created as a fresh install, or created by cloning an existing site. In both cases, the “staging” option must be toggled.

It is not linked in any way to another site on your account – even in the case when it’s a clone of another site. Changes to the staging site cannot be “pushed” to another site. It is a completely separate install that only uses the domain, cannot have a domain name added to it, and does not count against your total plan limit. They are used primarily to test changes and updates.

If you want to convert a staging site to a “live” site – to which a custom domain can be added, you can do so from your My Pressable Control Panel, by pushing the “Convert to Live Site” button. This site will then be counted against your total site count.

If you want to move a domain from your current live site and add it to a staging site, we have a guide on how to do that here.

If you want to convert a “live” site to a staging site you will first need to ensure all domains are removed from the install. There cannot be any DNS entries attached to a staging site. Once there are no domains, you can press the “Convert to Staging site” button.

A website clone is simply a copy of an existing site. Clones can be created for a standard site or a staging site.

If the clone is created as a staging site, it will be a copy that cannot have a domain name added, and will not count against your total site limit.

If it is created as a standard site, a domain name can be added to it and it will count as one site in your plan.

If you have any additional questions about how these different types of sites work at Pressable feel free to reach out to our support team at