How To Use the Pressable Automated Migration Plugin

The Pressable Automated Migration plugin makes migrating your sites to the Pressable platform easy as can be. Whether you are a developer with a lot of experience moving sites or have never moved a site before, this plugin does all the hard work so that you don’t have to. Move as many sites as you need, quickly and with minimal interaction.

Before migrating your site to Pressable, you’ll need to have a few things already established:

  • An active account with Pressable
  • A site deployed on our system where you will be migrating your site to.
  • A site that is ready to be moved to the Pressable platform.
  • Ensure that your current site and your Pressable destination site are disconnected from Jetpack.

Login to and open up the settings page for the site you would like to migrate.

To the right of page you will see an “Actions” drop down menu. From that, select “Migrate Site”.

Selecting that will open a window with the details you will need for our migration plugin, as well as a download button to obtain the plugin.

NOTE: If you are a collaborator on the site and don’t have the option to copy your migration password this means the site owner must update your permissions to include “Reset Passwords.” This guide outlines how to do that or the site owner can contact Pressable support and we’ll help.

Login to the site that you will be moving to the Pressable platform (the source site) and navigate to Plugins > Add New. In the plugin search box, search for “Pressable Automated Migration“. When the plugin listing comes up, click on Install and then Activate.

Navigate to the plugin settings page and insert the details that you obtained from the “Migrate” tab inside of

Email: The email address at which you would like to receive status updates during the migration.
Destination Site URL: The URL that you are moving the site to. This will typically be the staging URL of the site on our system so that you can preview the migrated site before pointing your domain.
SFTP Address: – this should now be hardcoded into the plugin and no longer need to be entered.
SFTP User: The SFTP username provided in the migration tab settings.
SFTP Password: The SFTP password provided in the migration tab settings.

Click on the “Migrate” button and you will see the BlogVault migration page come up. BlogVault will move the site to Pressable servers and provide live updates on the status of the migration. The amount of time a site takes to migrate will vary based on the size of your site.

You will receive an email upon completion of the migration and your migrated site is now visible at the site’s staging URL.

After your migration is complete, please review the site to ensure everything was migrated properly. If necessary, you can remigrate the site one last time using the plugin to synchronize any changes that have been made to your live site since the initial migration.

Once you’ve reviewed the site for correctness, you are ready to send your site live.

Please Note: We recommend also changing the migration user password after successful migration, which you can do by going to > Choose your site > Click “Actions” > Click “Migrate Site” > Click “Cycle” button (as shown below):

Unable to access wpconfig file. Please check if WordPress is installed on the destination address. Also, check if you have permission to access the folder.

Double-check that you entered a valid site name that is associated with the migration user you specified.

Invalid username/password details.

Please double check that your username and password are correct.

We are unable to contact the source site. Due to this the migration cannot be completed.

If your site uses CloudFlare, please temporarily disable it so that the migration plugin can communicate with your site properly.