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Adding a New Site to Your Pressable Account

Category: Getting Started | Last modified: October 31, 2022

Logging in to Pressable

Ready to add a new site to your Pressable account? To begin, log in to the MyPressable Control Panel. If you run into trouble with accessing your Pressable account, you can reset your password or contact our Customer Success team for assistance.

Adding a Site

Once you’ve logged in to the MyPressable Control Panel you will find a plus icon in the upper right, used to add a new site.

You can then assign the site an internal name, select your data center location, the PHP version, and optionally set it as staging.

Site Details

Your new WordPress site will be ready to use in less than 1 minute. Check your inbox for an email from Pressable, which will contain the username and password you’ll need to access your new site’s dashboard. Your new site will include a staging URL, which is a temporary web address that you can use as you build, modify and manage your site. You’ll find your new site’s staging URL on the My Sites page in the MyPressable Control Panel.