Launching Your Site in Pressable

On your site’s Settings page, you can add a custom domain under the Domains tab. Enter the non-www version of your domain ( and click Add Domain Name. Both the www and the non-www versions of your domain should be added. Click the ★ button next to the domain that you would like to be your primary domain. All your site’s other domains will redirect to the primary domain. If no primary domain is set, all your site’s domains will redirect to your site’s staging URL.


To allow your custom domain to point to your site here at Pressable, you will also need to update the DNS settings for it. These are most commonly found at your domain registrar (where you purchased your domain). There are 2 options in pointing the domain to Pressable. You can read more about the 2 options on this guide on how to point your domain to our servers.

Once your domain is added, Edge Cache will be automatically enabled for you. This can be managed under the “Performance” tab.

When you add a domain to MyPressable Control Panel, we will automatically request an SSL certificate via Let’s Encrypt. We will also manage the renewal of your SSL certificate.

SSL certificates and management are included in your monthly plan. You do not need to pay a third party service for an SSL certificate.