Pressable OnePress Login

OnePress Login allows you to quickly and easily log in to your WordPress environments through the MyPressable Control Panel with just one press. You will no longer be required to remember credentials for each of your WordPress websites on Pressable anymore. Just click on the OnePress Login button and securely access the dashboard of your website.

The steps on how to enable and set this up on your Pressable account are outlined here.

PLEASE NOTE: As of January 27th, 2023 all new Pressable accounts will have OnePress Login enabled by default (information to disable OnePress Login can be found here). All existing Pressable accounts before January 27th, 2023 will need to opt-in to OnePress Login using the information below.

From the MyPressable Control Panel (MPCP) go to Account Settings and select the Sites tab, you can access this by directly going to: The toggle switch allows you to activate the feature for your account.

Once the toggle is switched to Activate our will be installed on all active sites under your account (sites that are in a disabled state will be excluded).

The plugin is symlinked on the sites but can be disabled, or removed, from any WordPress instance either via the site’s WP Admin dashboard, or SFTP/SSH if needed.

Once you activate the OnePress Login feature on your Pressable account, you will notice a new button in the control panel on the site’s information page to use OnePress Login on the site.

This will appear on all active sites on your Account.

Please note that you will need to have a WordPress user associated with the email used for the Pressable account in order for the OnePress Login to validate the login attempt. If the user is not found on the site, they will be redirected to MPCP and will see an error.

If the user data is successfully verified, you will be logged in and redirected to the site’s /wp-admin.

We have several checks in place to ensure that this is a secure connection. The session and user are both verified before a successful login occurs. If a user fails any of the verifications, they will be redirected to the site in MPCP and a relevant error message will be displayed. There is also a message set in PHP error logs explaining the error in a bit more detail.


Disabling OnePress at the Account-Level

To disable OnePress Login from your Pressable account, visit the Account Settings and select the Sites tab, you can access this by directly by going here: The toggle switch allows you to deactivate the feature for your account.

Once this is deactivated the OnePress Login button will be removed from all the sites.

Disabling OnePress at the Site-Level

To remove the OnePress Login from a single site on your Pressable account, you can simply deactivate the plugin within the WP Admin dashboard.

The OnePress login checks the plugin status on the site and if found disabled, the OnePress button will also be disabled on the site with the message “OnePress Login plugin is not active on site“. This allows you to remove the OnePress login from an individual site without having to deactivate the program on your account.

OnePress Login should work alongside most 2FA plugins, but some 2FA plugins do not force the 2FA authorization unless the login is happening on the /wp-login page with an actual login and password.

  • The WP White Security (WP 2FA) and Two-Factor plugins work as expected and their 2FA is NOT bypassed by OnePress.
  • WPMU DEV / WP Defender will not work, as its 2FA is bypassed when using OnePress login. The plugin’s own SSO also currently bypasses its own 2FA due to how the plugin is coded.

Will OnePress Login work with plugins that modify the WP Admin login URL?

Yes, OnePress Login should work with plugins that modify the WP Admin login URL (example: changing /wp-admin to /backend).

Is OnePress functionality included in the API?

Yes, please see the section here for more details: