Light Weight 404s for Static Files

Pressable offers Light Weight 404s for Static Files to improve your site’s performance by allowing the server to handle static file 404s directly, without having to pass through WordPress.

With the traditional “heavy” option, if you visit a page/post that has static assets 404ing, there’s WordPress PHP rendering being triggered for each 404 — generating a 404 page that the user may not even see.

With the lightweight option, we’ll serve a static 404 page instead. Bypassing PHP and the WP load — making things load much faster and use very little CPU.

This can help reduce the load on the server and improve the overall speed and responsiveness of your site.

Supported Static File Types

Assets can be images, fonts, JavaScript, and CSS files that the web browser requests as part of loading a web page and currently includes the following file types.

.css, .gif, .eot, .jpg, .jpeg, .js, .otf, .png, .svg, .swf, .ttf, .webm, .webp, .woff,. woff2

Enabling Light Weight 404s

This feature can be enabled from the Pressable Control Panel within the site’s settings page. The option can be found under the Advanced tab.

Once the switch is toggled On, the feature is enabled and lightweight 404s will be served on your site.

Bulk Settings Management

This feature can also be managed via the Pressable API — which can be used to easily enable or disable the feature across multiple sites.