How to Migrate a Site to Pressable

Pressable offers three methods for migrating your site over to us:

    1. Use the Automated Pressable Migration Plugin
    2. Manually migrate your WordPress site to Pressable
    3. Request an assisted migration from Pressable’s Customer Success Team.

How to request an assisted migration

If you would like our Customer Success Team to assist you with your migration, simply start a chat with our team or submit a request via email to We will need the following information from your end to get this started:

    1. The origin site’s wp-admin login page URL
    2. The origin site’s wp-admin login credentials of an admin user (username, password)
    3. Your preferred Data Center for this site
    4. (optional) If created already, the MyPressable site name or URL

This information will allow us to install our Automated Migration Plugin on your site(s). We ask that all sensitive information like this be supplied to us securely through a tool like

What to do if you can’t use Pressable’s migration plugin

If for any reason the Pressable Automated Migration Plugin isn’t an option (e.g. you don’t have the ability to install plugins at your host or it has previously failed), please reach out to us so we can manually migrate the site for you.

To do this, we require two things:

    • A compressed archive of your site’s wp-content folder.
    • A compressed archive of your site’s database file.

These must be provided to us in one of two ways:

    • You can upload these files to the ../tmp directory of your staging site here via SFTP.
    • You can provide a direct download link to your files via a service which supports this (e.g. Dropbox, AWS S3). A direct download link looks something like this – – showing the file name in the URL.
      Please note that services such as WeTransfer, OneDrive, Google Drive are not suitable for this, as they don’t provide direct download links.

Have a site that you want to move to WordPress?

If you want to migrate from another CMS (such as Drupal or Joomla!) or from a static HTML website to WordPress, we can recommend a consultant to carry out the migration.