Delete Symlinks and Plugins from Pressable-Hosted Sites

For security and performance reasons, we symbolically link (symlink) some themes and plugins so that they are secure and can be scalably managed across our platform.

If you’d like to remove the default themes, such as twentynineteen, twentytwenty, or symlinked plugins (except Jetpack and Akismet), you can do so with any FTP client, such as FileZilla.

You will first need FTP access through Pressable SFTP tools. Log into your SFTP account using your credentials. Then navigate to the wp-content/themes folder:

Select the folder(s) you’d like to delete, right click on them and choose “delete”.

You’ll be prompted if you want to delete the link itself or the actual directory. Choose to delete just the symlink:

That’s it! If you’d like to have those folders back as symlinks, just get in touch with Customer Success, and we’ll be happy to help.