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How to point Name.com DNS records to Pressable

Category: FAQ | Last modified: April 10, 2022

Pointing Name.com Nameservers to Pressable

To point DNS records from Name.com to Pressable, you’ll want to log into your name.com account and select the domain name that you wish to edit.
From the overview page click the “Manage Nameservers” link.

Edit the existing nameservers to use the following:


Read name.com’s support article on how to update nameservers.

Note: that if you already have email hosting for your domain, we recommend getting in touch with us prior to changing the name servers to minimize/prevent any email downtime.

Pointing Name.com A Records to Pressable

Log into your name.com account, and the select the domain name that you wish to edit. From the domain overview page, select “Manage DNS Records”.

You will want to edit the existing A records for {your-domain.com} and {www.yourdomain.com} to point to one of the Pressable IPs. You will then need to create duplicate DNS records using the other IP address. When done, your DNS records will look similar to the following:

View name.com’s article on how to manage A records.