How Do I Restore a Site From Backup in Pressable?

Sometimes things happen—a failed plugin update, a theme upload failed, or maybe you’re writing your first lines of code. Whatever the case may be, if you’d like a backup restored, you have several options:

  • Use our automated backup restore tool to automatically restore your site to a previous backup of your choosing. This is a fully automated process that only requires a few mouse clicks.
  • Use our Backups Dashboard to download the backup from the required date and time and use it to restore your site. This is a manual restore and would need to be done via SFTP for files and PHPMyAdmin for the database.
  • If you have Jetpack Premium activated on your site, it will also take daily backups which you can access and restore from your site’s wp-admin dashboard, without needing to reach out to the Customer Success team.

We take backups of site files every 24 hours and databases every hour. We keep backups for at least 30 days.

Making a Manual Restore Request

We understand that the manual restore process for large sites may take a long time and we’d be happy to assist you with it incase other methods are not an option. However, please note that this is a manual process on our end as well, it can take a bit of time to complete. We will need the following information:

  • The domain name of the site to be restored
  • The approximate date and time (UTC) that you would like the site restored to
  • Whether you need the database restored, the file system, restored, or both

We’ll be in touch once you’ve submitted your request and share an update once it’s complete.