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Accessing Backups

Category: Tutorials | Last modified: August 12, 2021

One of the great features of your WordPress hosting account with Pressable is our automatic backups! Every site on our platform is backed up by us on the following schedule (when changes are detected):

  • File System: daily at 00:00 UTC
  • Database: hourly

With the new Pressable Control Panel, customers now have access to these backups and the ability to download them locally. To locate your backups first navigate to my.pressable.com and select your site.

Scroll down and locate the backups section:

Select the date/time of the backup that you want to access:

You can then choose to download the database and/or the file system.


Restoring to a backup

You can restore your downloaded site files to your site by using SFTP. We have a guide on that here: https://pressable.com/knowledgebase/filezilla-sftp-securely-transfer-files/.

You can restore your downloaded database through phpMyAdmin. We have a guide on that here: https://pressable.com/knowledgebase/access-phpmyadmin-with-wordpress/



Request help with a restore

If you need the assistance of the Customer Success team in restoring one of these backups just reach out to us via chat or at help@pressable.com. We request that you provide any backups to us in the following forms:

  • You can upload these files to the ../tmp directory of your site here via SFTP.
  • You can provide a direct download link to your files via a service which supports this (e.g. Dropbox, AWS S3). A direct download link looks something like this – https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxx/mysitefiles.zip – showing the file name in the URL.
  • Please note that services such as WeTransfer, OneDrive, Google Drive are not suitable for this, as they don’t provide direct download links.



Jetpack Backups

These backups are independent of the Jetpack backups. All Pressable sites come with a Jetpack Security Daily plan, free of charge. You can follow this guide to activate Jetpack on your site: https://pressable.com/knowledgebase/what-is-jetpack-premium-how-to-enable/. We recommend using the Jetpack backups for restoring the site to an earlier version.

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