Setting up Email Accounts in Pressable

Pressable has partnered with Titan to provide you with feature-rich email that makes connecting with customers, partners, and colleagues easier than ever. Head over to our WordPress hosting with email page to read more about this partnership and how to make use of the service.

If you already have email through another service, you must point your domain’s MX records to the email provider of your choice. If Pressable manages DNS for you — i.e. you pointed your domain’s nameservers to ours — then you can add MX records via the MyPressable Control Panel. If you need assistance, please contact Customer Success.

You can view your domain’s MX records via DNSChecker or WhatsMyDNS. If you recently changed DNS hosts and are unsure what your MX records were previously, you may be able to use to view your domain’s MX record history.