Object Caching with Memcache

By default the WordPress object cache is non-persistent. This means that data stored in the object cache resides in memory only and only for the duration of the request. However, Pressable uses Memcache to store cached data in the object cache persistently across page loads to speed up your site. 

You can clear this cache by using the Flush Object Cache button in the Performance tab for your site in the MyPressable Control Panel. If your site is experiencing a lot of traffic, this can temporarily reduce site speed as the entire cache is purged. This will return to normal once the cache has regenerated.

You can also use the Pressable Cache Management plugin to manage this from your site’s WP Admin dashboard.

If you need to regularly modify specific data in the object cache it is advisable to use the built in WordPress functions for this:

WP Cache Delete

WP Cache Replace

WP Cache Flush

Determining which function to use comes down to what you are trying to achieve.