Domain Not Found Error When Accessing Site

If you are attempting to access your site and see a “domain not found” then this indicates that the DNS on your domain name is correctly pointed to Pressable, but the domain name has not yet been assigned to your site in the MyPressable Control Panel.

To resolve this error, you’ll need to visit your MyPressable Control Panel. After clicking your site’s name navigate to the DNS & Domains tab of the site. In the Domains section at the bottom, enter the non-www version of your domain name, in the text area and click Add Domain (we will automatically add the www version).

Once the domain has been added, it will begin provisioning the domain, DNS, and SSL which can be observed with the 3 icons next to the domain. You can hover over these icons for additional information. The icons will turn green when provisioning has completed successfully.

If you would like to change the primary domain, you can click the ★ button next to the domain that you would like to be the primary. All other domains will redirect to the primary.

In the example below, visitors of will be taken seamlessly to the www version ( instead of the non-www version.

Once your domain is assigned and the ‘Health’ icon is green to show provisioned, you can re-access your site and the error should be resolved.

What if my domain name is already assigned?

If your domain name is already assigned and you are still seeing the “domain not found” error, then please remove your domain name and re-add it.

If you’re still seeing the “domain not found” error after that, then please reach out to our technical support team.