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Facebook Sharing DeBugging: 301 Errors on Facebook Shares

Category: TroubleShooting | Last modified: July 13, 2021

facebook debugging sharing settings

If sharing articles and pages from your website results in a 301 redirect error on Facebook, there are a few debugging steps you can take to isolate the reason why.

Check Your Plugins

Check to see if you have a plugin installed that is forcing HTTPS. Pressable’s servers automatically force an HTTPS connection and it is unnecessary to use a plugin. In the past the Really Simple SSL plugin has been the cause of this redirect error.

simple ssl plugin facebook debugging

Cloudflare Settings

Are you using Cloudflare to manage your DNS? If so, double-check your settings under “SSL/TLS” –> “Edge Certificates”. You want to ensure that the setting for “Always Use HTTPS” is turned off.

http redirects facebook debugging

Another setting in Cloudflare that could cause this issue in found under SSL/TLS, and then “Edge Certificates”. There is an option for “Automatic HTTPS rewrite” which must be turned off.


If your website is a multisite, you may need to add this snippet to the bottom of your wp-config.php file:


Check For Security Plugins

If you have a security plugin installed on your site, such as iThemes Security, try disabling it temporarily and test if that resolves the issue. If so there is likely a setting within the plugin that needs adjustment.

Testing The Results

Once you have applied one of these fixes to your site you can test the results in the Facebook debugger: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/. Press the “Scrape Again” button to clear the cached scrape of this page.

test facebook sharing debugging

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