What is the Set Jetpack License Button?

When you create a new site in your My Pressable account, we will automatically set a license key for the free Jetpack Security Daily subscription we provide for all of your sites if you are on the Personal plan or greater – this allows for seamless activation of your subscription. Note: The Entry plan only includes the Jetpack Free license.

This button can be found under the Advanced tab within a site’s settings page. This will allow you to manually set the license key that is set in your site’s database for the Jetpack Security Daily subscription. As this is automatically done when your site is created, there are only specific cases when you may need to use it (see below) and it should not be used otherwise.

On occasion, the license key may need to be set again – primarily when a site is migrated from another host to Pressable and overwrites the site’s database here. In those situations, this button will allow you to set the license key for Jetpack again without any intervention from our Customer Success team. With the license key set, you will then be able to successfully activate Jetpack Security Daily on your site.

Below you will find the two scenarios in which this button should be used and steps to follow to successfully activate Jetpack Security Daily.

Note: Do not use this button outside of the scenarios described here.

In this scenario, you must click the “Set Jetpack License” button after migrating your site and before you activate Jetpack.

If you have accidentally activated Jetpack before doing this, please see Scenario 2.

In the majority of cases, Jetpack Security Daily will activate with no issues as the license key is set once your site is created. However, there are situations where that may not occur or it may be overwritten/deleted (such as migrating a site from another host). If this occurs, please follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect from Jetpack. This can be done by following the Disconnect Jetpack Sites guide from the Jetpack team.
  2. Ensure that the Jetpack plugin on your site is active and that you are prompted to connect when visiting the Jetpack page in your site’s wp-admin dashboard (do not reconnect at this stage).
  3. Visit the My Pressable Control Panel page for your site and click the “Set Jetpack License” button.
  4. Optional, but recommended: Verify the license key was successfully set by opening PHPMyAdmin for your site and checking that the jetpack_licenses key exists in the wp_options table. It will likely be the very last row in this table due to having just been added.

  5. Reconnect Jetpack following the standard connection steps.

If you have tried these steps and are still experiencing issues connecting to Jetpack Security Daily, please reach out to the Customer Success team via chat or e-mail at help@pressable.com.

If you have any problems with Jetpack features, please reach out to Jetpack support.