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Knowledge Base

How Visits Are Calculated

We count visits to sites in order to fairly quantify their consumption of system resources. Each plan has an allotment of visits. See our pricing for further information. A visit is tabulated…

Knowledge Base

Allowed Storage Space

All Pressable plans offer a fixed disk space for the entire plan, shared across all sites. Those default limits can be reviewed on our pricing page. If more storage is required it…

Blog Article

Why Pressable Doesn’t Offer Phone Support (and Why That’s a Good Thing)

Today’s consumer has come to expect a variety of channels to reach brands when it comes to customer support. A main one is phone support, as it enables consumers to literally voice their questions and concerns. Pressable…

Blog Article

Stripe VS Square VS PayPal: Choosing a Payment Gateway for Your e-Commerce Store

Having a strong online presence for your business is often necessary to maximize your success. This is particularly true for those involved in e-commerce, as the vast majority of their sales will depend on this factor. In…

Free eBook

Why Switch to WordPress
(and how to do it)

Did you know that WordPress powers approximately 35% of the internet? That means around 455 million sites are using this versatile CMS. Switching to WordPress gives you tons of creative freedom and…

Free eBook

What 24/7 Support Really Means & Why It’s Necessary

Pressable prides itself on delivering the WordPress hosting industry’s best 24/7 support. But, how do we do it and what should you expect when you become a Pressable customer? This quick-read e-book…

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