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Using the WordPress Object Cache to Cache Query Results

If you have a query that is taking a long time to load, more often than not that query can be cached for a limited amount of time. As a result, your…

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Adding custom redirects with custom-redirects.php

Although there are plugins (such as Redirection) that can help you create redirects on your site, there is a way to have more (programmatic) control over redirects on our platform: custom-redirects.php. To…

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Modifying Cache Times in BatCache

By default, Batcache, our page caching mechanism, will cache pages for five minutes, if the pages get at least two visits in two minutes. This might be OK for a site that…

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How to prevent Batcache page caching on Pressable

Pressable uses Batcache and Memcached to store and serve rendered pages. However, there are times where you might not want something cached, such as a specific page or cookie. This guide will…

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