It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Pressable’s API!

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A man looking up at Pressable's new API.

Wouldn’t it be great to revolutionize your workflow?

Well, our new API will do just that. And, during our public beta, you can manage your hosting account and your sites in ways you never thought possible.

Our team has created a platform that outperforms most, and we wanted to add to the awesomeness by making a public-facing API that will provide freedoms to each customer, and help their business thrive!

For our agency customers, the sky is the limit! Using our API, agencies will be able to create their own interface within ours–replicating our MyPressable Customer Portal for their own customers! Imagine billing your customers, or giving them the ability to contact your team through a portal that’s powered by us–and branded however you see fit!

By using our API, you’ll be able to build onto your core business. For example, you’d be able to integrate Pressable functionality into your site using the API without logging into our portal.

If you’re a developer striving for more efficiency, integration, and flexibility in your day, this API will help create all of that! Our new API will allow easier integration and an unmatched level of personalization. It’s powered by us, but the look is all you.

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Whether you’re a developer growing their own WordPress agency, or looking to expand your teams’ efficiency without adding more people, use our API to easily integrate your solutions. Maybe you want to control your sites, manage your account, and remove collaborators from your command line. All of that, and more, is possible now with the Pressable API.

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